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What is Male Extra?

Male Extra is a food supplement sold in capsule form. These contain seven components, all natural, each of which has therapeutic properties to allow better irrigation of the penis, thus promoting erection.

The result of several years of laboratory research, Male Extra has been based on eleven clinical references that have proven the effectiveness of its components in treating male sexual disorders.

Unlike the pills already used in the pharmaceutical industry, of which Viagra is the spearhead, Male Extra corrects erectile dysfunctions as they occur. The principle is not only to allow the man to obtain a strong erection at a given time and for a limited time, but to "repair" the dysfunction in the long term. Finally, taking Male Extra daily, in addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle, puts an end to erectile problems. Erections are larger and longer lasting, with a slight increase in the size of the erect penis. Breakdowns are gradually becoming rare, offering the Male Extra user, as well as his partner(s), a total sexual fulfillment.

Male Extra has already changed the lives of many men. It is nevertheless essential to understand how these capsules work in the body, especially in the male reproductive system.

How does Male Extra work?

To understand the action of Male Extra, it is essential to understand in a few words how an erection works. The penis consists of an erectile nerve, two arteries that bring blood in, and cavernous bodies. Following sexual stimulation, from various origins (touch, smell, sight...), the brain transmits this stimulation to the penis through the erectile nerve. This causes an increase in the penis of a nucleotide, GMPc. Its role is to relax the muscles present in the cavernous bodies. In fact, the blood flow becomes more important, filling the cavernous bodies. The penis is bigger. However, it is not yet in the erection phase. To do this, it is essential that the blood pressure in the penis is increased. Indeed, when blood arrives in the penis, it compresses the veins that usually expel the blood from the penis. The erection takes place. It is normally only at the time of ejaculation that the CMPc is degraded. The muscles contract again, the blood flows back into the rest of the body.

How to use Male Extra?

Each bottle of Male Extra is composed of 90 capsules, which represents a one-month cure. Indeed, in everyday life, using this treatment is very simple: just take three capsules daily, at any time of the day, with a large glass of water. The manufacturer recommends taking the capsules every morning at breakfast. This avoids forgetting or having to take Male Extra with you. But, scientifically speaking, Male Extra is effective no matter when you take it.

It should be noted that the beneficial effects of Male Extra will be greater if the user limits or removes from his daily life everything that has a negative impact on his body: tobacco, alcohol, fatty food, lack of sleep... A healthier daily life will go hand in hand with taking Male Extra, for much faster and more important results.

Our opinion on Male Extra

There are hundreds of so-called miracle products on the Internet that can put an end to erectile dysfunction or, more generally, male sexual problems. Very often, these products come on the market with a lot of communication, and disappear just as quickly, not passing the phase of user satisfaction.

Male Extra is not one of these products: indeed, this treatment has been in existence for fifteen years, without being retoked by men. This is a clear first sign of its ability, finally, to respond to the sexual disorders of thousands of men of all ages.

Numerous scientific studies have proven that the combination of natural products in Male Extra can cause an increase in libido and a better ability to achieve hard and long-lasting erections. The men interviewed for this article all spoke the same language: Male Extra changed their lives, making them feel like men again, giving them a new youth and fullness in bed, for themselves and their partner.

Finally, Male Extra is three seconds of work per day, the time needed to take the three daily capsules, to find long and intense moments of sexual happiness. There is no need to dwell on the subject: any man who experiences sexual breakdowns is able to gauge the lack that this disability provides for his physical and psychological well-being...

Where to buy Male Extra?

Finally, it should be noted that Male Extra can only be purchased on the Internet. If many sites try to sell the product, only the official site is actually authorized. Beware, therefore, of possible counterfeits, potentially dangerous, often ineffective, which tend to develop. Going through the official website therefore guarantees to be delivered the right product, and to be able to possibly benefit from the satisfied and refunded guarantee set up by Male Extra.

There are no delivery charges following an order. In addition, the package is prepared in discreet packaging that avoids any breach of privacy. Finally, it takes two to three days to receive your capsules and start a new life!